Win a Free Copy of “66: The I AM in Me”

As many of you know, the Book Release Party for my third published literary work is just around the corner. We’ve been working hard to plan an amazing evening for you; jam packed with fantastic opening acts, delicious finger foods, and an enjoyable house band to keep your souls saturated with sweet audible silkiness. Speaking of which, if you haven’t RSVP’d yet, please take a moment and let me know if you intend on joining the celebrations.

Thank you kindly!

With that said, it’s my pleasure to announce an opportunity for one lucky person to get their hands on a free copy of my latest creation. And that person could be you.

It’s real simple.

Instagram has become one of my favorite smartphone apps and I’m truly inspired every time I peruse the fascinating photographical world. I’ve also been addicted to hash-tagging (#) every time I update my status via Twitter, FacebookGoogle +, Path, and, of course, Instagram.

Now…marry the two and you have the Official “66: The I AM in Me” Book Contest.

All you have to do, from now until Thursday, August 23rd at 1159 p.m. (any picture that is time stamped after said time will not be counted), is take a picture through Instagram that captures the essence of the book title (open for your interpretation) and label it with the hashtag, “#66Book” (Any pictures without this EXACT hashtag will not be counted. I repeat. Any pictures without this hashtag will not be counted.).

Oh…and, yes, you can take multiple pictures. Of course, the more pictures you take, the better your odds are at winning a book.

That’s it. Simple.

The entries will be reviewed by a very sophisticated and secretive process. The winner will be announced at the Book Release Party and, yes, the winner must be present. Our team of judges will select one winner with two runner ups, in case the winner is not present. If the second runner up is not present either, well, we logically move on to the third. In the event that all three people are not present, then we will throw one book into the crowd and whoever catches it will get the free copy.

Again, that’s it. Simple.

Have fun and good luck to you all.


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