Motorcycles and Race Cars

I had one of those amazing mornings where the Spirit nearly forced me to put down my phone and play with my first born. I can’t, however, say the morning started off that way. In my efforts to get the second boy settled and with work already littering my brain, I tried to multitask my early day and provide the best of both worlds for the three of us.

Whatever that means!

To no avail, I put my phone down, finally put the second boy down for a nap, chucked work to the curb for a moment and rolled around the living room floor with a once saddened, now happy, 3-year-old boy.

His choice of play: a Luigi figure strapped to a Batman motorcycle. Mine (by no means my first choice): a Hot Wheels race car.

And, as if out of a scene straight the from digital world of Mario Cart, Ezra and I were off on our marks. We darted. We jumped. We drifted across the carpet. We even dodged each other as we nearly had a head on collision.

Close call…in more ways than one.

Where multitasking, busyness, and production is the way of life, it’s easy to forget and neglect those memorable moments that will eventually outlive the ways of the current trends. Two years from now, I’ll remember our morning mayhem, but I won’t remember the Google search I was attempting between the second boy’s nap and the first boy’s desire to hang out with his pops.

It’s good to pause. It’s good to sit and play. It’s good to drop what you’re doing and say, “No” to work.

It’s good.

Let’s talk.


2 thoughts on “Motorcycles and Race Cars

  1. Hey look, it’s Ezra! Wow, he’s getting big! He might be tall as me by the time I get back…LOL!

    Derrick, that’s beautiful. Time to stop, not stopping time.

    The one attribute I’ve learned thus far is pausing for a moment to rest and listen and play and laugh. When I do that, I’m more open to embrace love.

    As I look back on my weekend, I feel God gave me a glimpse of life can be like if I simply listen and not worry about work or the stressors that come my way. I spent my weekend with Kim and our time leading up to her first trip to the South has been an eye-opener to me. I feel I’ve been blind to what is more important to life. We spent time together in Atlanta and Augusta over the course of 2.5 days not worrying about work and school, but having fun and enjoying each other’s presence.

    That’s how our moments should be when we pause from the busy world we live in. . . that moment I experienced was rejuvenating.

    The Holy Spirit wants us to do this all the time, yet we will sometimes ignore it end up feeling exhausted to what God wanted us to do in the first place.

    I love living with a Counselor who guides our walk.

  2. James – “The one attribute I’ve learned thus far is pausing for a moment to rest and listen and play and laugh. When I do that, I’m more open to embrace love.” I love that. Awesome insight.

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