Transitions…How We Respond.

New Life Center, the community of faith I’m a part of, begins a 4-part series on life transitions (I have the honor and privilege of speaking in two weeks).

I, initially, was going to take the direction of obedience to God during our times of transitions, but I sense a slight turn from my original intent. I think I’m now leaning more towards the idea of how we respond when transitions stare us dead on. Taking most of my insights from the Book of Daniel, I’ll be touching on these main points: staying true to your godly convictions, not relenting on having a constant prayer life, and not running from unforeseen curve balls.

But here’s where you come in.

I’d like to begin a dialogue on transitions and hear from you about how you handle these inevitable periods of life. Maybe share some insights you’ve gleaned along the way, thoughts you received from God, and so on.

Let the conversation begin.

Let’s talk.


3 thoughts on “Transitions…How We Respond.

  1. Change is a word that packs so much meaning. It can hold a drastic and serious meaning in which we need to respond, but appropriately. When God goes to send me through a transition in my life, I will look at it either one of two ways: complain or comply. Lately, God has been sending me through a transition of where my heart needs to be. I tend to get comfortable and just so relaxed in how operations operate, but when a curve ball is thrown into the works, I complain (sometimes so much I’m tired of hearing it) and wonder “why me” but with my growing in faith, I’m learning that God has a purpose and there are no mistake made by God. God knows what he’s doing with my live, it’s up to me to comply whether I or not because the change will more than likely happen.

    I’ve talked about my personal transition that I’m being sent through right now; knowing where my priorities needs to be based on God’s plan. This reminds me of how Jesus went to the wilderness and prayed. I feel like I’m out in that same environment to take time to seek God fully without the surrounding elements to distract me (ie, school, work, home, commute, military) and realign my life. Everyday I look forward to what’s in store because I know I’m being tested in how I will respond to the transition. Here’s a thought. My transition of realignment is not going to be a one day event. It’s a daily process that requires full submission of the smallest problematic situations.

  2. James – Transitions are definitely processes through life. If they were one day events, we’d all be better off than we currently are. Great point. The full submission part you
    pointed out is key, but a very difficult reality to swallow. We live in a world that preaches “take charge of your life”, and when you entrust that life to someone, I this case God, it pushes against the grain.

  3. I like how you mention the world advertises to take charge of your own life, but there’s a subliminal message behind it…take charge of your life so we [culture and society] can take charge of your life.
    I saw a bumper sticker in South Carolina that said “No Jesus, No Peace; Know Jesus, Know Peace.” I thought that was more than a bumper sticker slapped on someone’s car…it was a message that we should always try to spread. Think about it, the average person will only retain situations and events that don’t happen as part of a routine. If we were to tell someone this, but explain the spelling behind it, I’m convinced that they would remember that fact.
    When we chose know Jesus, we will know peace if we follow the transitions He is wanting us to make.
    When we take charge of our life and become taken charge of [and refuse to know Jesus], we are guaranteed to no peace.

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