Can Offensive Art Be Christian?

I recently ran into this article regarding art and what society deems obscene. It’s an interesting read and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

RELEVANT Magazine – Can Offensive Art Be Christian?.

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4 thoughts on “Can Offensive Art Be Christian?

  1. The best point he makes is this “We don’t write about lust and fear and greed and obesity and broken things. We relegate our art to the way we wish the world should be and not how the world actually is.” Read Ann Lamott, Donald Miller, Karen Spears Zacharias, and others. Christians are writing about these things, but audiences who prefer their Christianity rose-coloured. I was disappointed by the discussion after the article, but find it consistent with Relevants usual punters. They seem the kind of idealistic, argumentative types who will one day make wonderful conservative pastors or professional theology students. I think the whole article is skewed by the fact many Christians cannot conceive Christian art outside of the contemporary Christian music industry, a sad indictment if ever there was one.

    1. Sorry, meant to say “Christians are writing about these things, but audiences who prefer their Christianity rose-coloured won’t read their books.” 🙂

    2. Thanksmfor your thoughts Jo. I def felt the article was safe. Art, whether someone considers it Christian or not, has so much potential for conveying an awesome message. That message is Jesus, of course. An art major would tell you that there should always be a creative purpose behind a piece, other than, “I did it just because.” Meaning to say, I don’t think someone should include obscenity for the sake of being obscene, unless, of course, the piece is called “A Crap Load of Obscenity” 🙂

      When God went to work at creating the world, He had no limits. I’m not saying we are limitless people, but we do have God in us to move us toward composing, drafting, sketching, sculpting, etc the most beautiful masterpieces known to man…again, whether others deem them obscene or not.

      And, yeah, I agree with you about Relevant Mag’s “punters”. But there’s something in their product that seems to keep drawing me back.

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