I Left My Heart In…


My family and I recently took a mini vacation to the Bay and I was quickly reminded of how much I love Northern California. And, to add to its awesomeness, God’s tears rained down a beautiful misty warmth that made for wonderful moments of snuggle close walks down Piedmont, the Embarcadero, and through the trails of the SF Zoo.

I’m an LA native with an SF soul, I guess.

And, besides enjoying a creamy cup of Fenton’s delicious scoops…twice, taking in the awe-inspiring designs of the City’s zoo, and slurping up Boudin’s clam chowder, I was also reminded of God’s command to rest. I was reminded of its importance and the connectedness that rest has to our spiritual lives.

Sure our bodies get rejuvenated, but our spirit man gets its burst too.

I got home feeling more spiritually in tuned with what God was saying, which for the most part was rebuke over certain things I’ve been carrying. I’ve connected with His Word a lot more closely. And I’ve been able to lock into His purpose for my life in this next season.

It’s exciting.


How about you? What are some rest stories you cherish?

Let’s talk.