Lost OS


We bit into the Apple and now he controls us
He Commands Xs to cut our lenses
Preventing us from seeing Christ’s Zs and
We’re spaced, barred from His revelation
We allow his Command Vs to paste
Constant lies and deceptions

We need to Select All of our imperfections
Hit Return and embrace our blank slates and
Reboot our systems
We’re looking through virus lined Windows
And all we need is a roaring Lion

He is

He is a Spotlight searching our internal directories
He’s an Exposé revealing our iniquities
But He reDocks us in eternity

He Partitions our being and secures our Logins
Our Operating Systems have been lost to Malware corruptions
But He Right Clicks us and gives us more options

He is

He is the I Am in me
My Retina is Displayed at 7 million pixels times infinity
Conformed to His Logic Board
I’m transformed from complacency to Kingdom reality
The Spinning Beach Ball of suspension is no longer bothering me
His Spirit backs me up automatically

He is
He is I Am

I am alive even when I’m in Sleep Mode
I navigate through life and have a Mission Controlled
Birds eye view of the enemy’s scaffold
I ascend the hill and empty the Cache-fold
He is the I Am in me with advanced Reliability
No anti-viruses needed
He bled and completed the full Restore of humanity
He succeeded
So no glitches repeated

It is finished
It is done

He is
I Am

He is
The Son.



God is good.

But man isn’t.

And once we get it
Through our thick skulls,
We can then realize that He truly is exquisite.

He is.

He is magnificent.
Exponentially triumphant.
He is splendid.
Spectacular and impressive.
Strikingly glorious.
Gorgeously brilliant.

The list is infinite.

And even still, there are no words that can fully
Capture His essence.

He is all that and a bag of Sun Chips.

We’ve played the gods of our own covenants.
We’ve screwed up the whole equation
And man has the audacity to blame His commitment.
We’ve pawned off imperfection for a prostituted
One night stand of a doctrine.

We’re divided on the issues of women,
Whether or not the Holy Spirit is still active,
Hell, we’re even torn between the issue
Of post tribulation and pre-trib.

It’s hysterically ridiculous.

We’ve taken matters into our own hands
All in the name of religion.
We think benevolence is good just because
We tag on the name, “Christian.”
All the while, Christ left His imprint,
Stained and splattered at His crucifixion.
For us.

He showed the Way, the Truth and the Life
In the midst of our wickedness.
He is the same, yesterday, today and forever
He is eternally consistent.

He visited the temple, but was always among the citizens,
Embracing prostitutes, sinners and depraved men.

And that was His life,
Constantly breathing vitality into humanity’s organs.



We are the apples of His eyes and we will never be abandoned,
Or forsaken
Or left alone for the wolves enjoyment.
We are the heirs of His eternal inheritance,
And all we have to do is embrace Him.

No signing on the dotted lines
Or making a down payment.
There’s no need for a co-signer
Cause He’s already signed His life
With His blood stained appendages.
His all-powerful omnipotence.
His contagious devotion to our sinful deliverance.

He gave up His seat to dwell with His children.
He denied Himself comfort, security and riches.
He stared death in the face and
Laughed all the way back into heaven.

He secured our position and
Paved the way for salvation.
Humbled Himself for man’s eternal destination.

God is calling His people back into relation.
Once severed, now reconditioned.
Misguided, now realigned with
Purpose, desire and compassion.

We wanted to be gods of our own Eden.
Prematurely plucked fruits of deception.
We convinced ourselves that we were creators
And not creation.


We unraveled the spools of redemption.


We downgraded the meaning of perfection.

And yes.

We initiated our own assassination…

…But yes.
For the love of His eminence, yes!

He wouldn’t let that happen.
He wouldn’t allow victory for satan and his henchmen.
He wouldn’t bow down for bread and recognition.
He came to our rescue and reinstated our existence.
He spoke life, came to be and, now, spiritually guides
Humanity throughout time’s duration.

He is.

He is Elohim
Adonai and our advocate.
El Shaddai
Jehovah Jireh
And the Horn of Salvation.
He is Father, Son and Spirit.

He is infinite.

And for this.

He truly is