Building Castles

After an amazing weekend of seeing God move through the lives of the next generation of activists, preachers, missionaries, and the likes, I had an opportunity to pause and spend a quiet afternoon with my first born.

It was just as spiritually uplifting as my weekend encounter with the God of creation.

In the brisk grips of the Monday breeze, the boy and I planted our butts on the cold concrete and fashioned ourselves a protective fort, shielding us from an infinite amount of imaginary predators. Don’t ask what we came up with, but just know that all the preying forces our world has introduce us to pale in comparison to what we conjured up.

It was fun. It was childish. It was a blessing.

To make an already joyous moment more delightful, other than the brief moment to take the above picture, I ignored all calls, all urges to answer and check emails, and all temptations to peruse the latest Facebook updates from my cyber community.

That moment was precious, yet, in the same breath, that moment was rare. In a time of schedules and over/unnecessary busyness, we pass up many moments of pure authenticity. We pass up opportunities to enjoy God’s beautiful creations. Sadly, we sometimes pass up opportunities to be loving parents (for those of us in this realm).

How about you? What rare moments of peace have you experience lately?

Let’s talk.