Super Sized Starbucks

The American fast food culture took a huge blow with films like Super Size Me and Fast Food Nation…and rightfully so…we’ve consumed too much.

Now, Starbucks has entered the “super size me” trend a bit late to the party, but, as I imagine, many coffee enthusiast will flock to the green machine to wet their appetites with their favorite tasty beverages (maybe Samuel L. Jackson will find his way their too).

It’s no secret that I’m a frequent visitor to one of Seattle’s great success stories, sometimes a resident at lengths on end. The coffee giant lobbies have provided me with a very inexpensive office set up for church leadership meetings, book writing moments, and impromptu video editing sessions. And, with last year’s introduction to free WiFi, as well as a store on every corner, it’s hard not to be sucked in.

However, I don’t know about you guys, and as much as I don’t mind Starbucks, a bigger drink size kills the coffee experience a bit. Granted the larger size is only for iced drinks, which makes sense in other contexts, bigger just doesn’t seem like more in this case.

The Venti is big enough and adding 7 ounces just seems overboard.

Of course, the larger size won’t prevent me from setting up shop, but I don’t think I’ll be funneling my already limited financial resources to the bigger version.


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