X Marks the Spot

Scampering around through the backyard jungle of my parents’ house in Carson, and being from a traditional Filipino family where make-shift everything is the norm, I dodged bitter melon vines and grenade-like dropping red chiles, I avoided deadly rusted nails sticking out of unfinished decks and splintered saturated pillars, and I escaped confrontational quail pecking at my limbs as I climbed their coups.

I had an amazing childhood!

Amidst my adventurous afternoon playtime, I also mustered up the creativity to bury treasures of all sorts, from my mom’s cherished silverware to my dad’s slew of mechanical contraptions. And yes, of course, I etched up a treasure map soaked in tea and burnt edges to give it that authentic ancient look.

My excursions were always complete.

“I’ve obeyed every word he’s spoken, and not just obeyed his advice – I’ve treasured it.” – Job 23:12 MSG

I love that!

In the middle of Job’s desperate conversation of hope with his friends, he, not only proclaims his obedience to God’s Word, but emphatically treasures it. That’s huge. Job’s declaration is evident of how deep his love is for God and how passionately in love he is with the Creator of the universe. Job doesn’t passively follow God’s counsel. Job actively embraces what God says and doesn’t relent from moving forward in God without question.

Job treasured God’s Word!

I wonder how our lives would be if we truly treasured the Word of God…the Bible.

When we treasure something, we don’t hesitate in staking our lives on it. When we believe in something, we embrace it without hesitation. When we passionately and truly love our family, we do everything in our power to protect and honor them. And, like Job, when we treasure God’s Word, we won’t hesitate to obey.

How about you? How do you truly view the Bible? Is it what you stake your life on? Or is it an add on to your life? And, if the Bible is truly your foundation, then prove it.

Let’s talk.