Abraham’s Haiku

You are Haiku, You.
Beautifully powerful.
Fragile, You hug me.

Ancient of Days. You
Covenant me with days’ past.
Connected. Jesus.

You are everything.
Tongues blazing can’t capture all
Of You. A little bit.

Love misunderstood.
You stood in place of mankind.
Distance I sever.

My garden starves bare.
Fruits plucked. Disobedience.
Soil, leaves parched withered.

But You don’t relent.
You breathe, resuscitating.
Hearts syncopating.

Your presence pleads love.
Impossible to ignore.
Surrendered to You.

Have your way in me.
Destination. Unclear path.
Compass is due north.

You are my true north.
Seven steps ahead of me.
Complete. Perfection.

Redemption. Reflect
image and likeness. Holy.
Forgiveness. Reborn.

Only One

It’s simple! There’s only One true King and that’s Jesus.

Forty-five is not the Chosen One nor is he the King of the Jews.

That is all.

Many men,claiming to speak for Me, will come and say, “I am the Messiah!” and they will fool many people. – Matthew 24:5