Jesus said “Go and sin no more.”

But that was ONLY after He rescued a woman from an oppressive system that wanted to stone her to death.

By the way, that was also AFTER He called out the hypocrisy of its religious leaders. In other words, Jesus put the snobby religious elite on blast!

Oh…and it was also…AFTER Jesus told the woman, “Neither do I condemn you.”

Imagine if we followed Jesus’ lead.
Imagine if we looked into humanity’s eyes.
Imagine if what people did wasn’t the main determiner of whether or not we extended love and hospitality toward them.

Imagine if Christians were more into people rather than striving to get theology down to a science.




My fourth publication, “Breathe,” came out nearly two years ago. It was an especially exciting moment, since it was my first book that I produced without the help of my previous publishers.

It was raw, honest, and simple.

And nearly two years later, I’m looking to simply “breathe” again in an honest and raw way by launching a brand new podcast called “Breathe: Faith and Creativity.”

The Pod launches in June and the backbone to show is to interview artists from all walks of life in an effort to discover how faith and creativity collide in a great way. From painters to poets and from graffiti artists to culinary curators, “Breathe” aims to capture the spiritual heartbeat of humanity.

The show will be available on all major podcasting platforms.