Be Still

We down play the importance of rest, especially in the fast pace and busy worlds that we’ve built for ourselves.

We work hard. We fill up our schedules. And we fill up the empty slots on our calendars with more activities just to make sure we have stuff to do.

We don’t take time to rest and to be still.

The Mental Health of America, in outlining ways to take care of yourself, lists a variety of habits we can develop to ensure proper care of our overall wellbeing. Rest, among other important routines, is a crucial step toward recovery. Being still does more for our soul and physicality than we realize. And it’s busyness toward the sense of completion that actually destroys who we are.

I’ve had the great joy of resting throughout the entire month of August. I finished up my projects at the nonprofit I worked for and I dove into a mini-sabbatical at the church that I pastor.

This past month has been extremely refreshing and good for my overall wellbeing. I’ve slept in more than I’m used to. I’ve been on more bike rides. And I’ve spent a lot more time with my family. In addition, I’ve spent a lot of time writing, as well as, journaling my journey through the Scriptures. Needless to say, I’ve also spent a lot more time in prayer and listening for God’s directions.

Rest and being still are extremely important. If you’re not resting, I highly recommend that you find time in your busy schedule to simply be still. It’ll feel weird at first, but once you get past the awkwardness of doing nothing, your inner person will thank you tremendously.

The challenge, moving forward, is developing the rhythm of rest. But, no matter how hard it is, rest and being still are rhythms we should fight for.


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