I Hate God

Ok, so “hate” is a strong word, especially when the word is juxtaposed to God. But I do hate, sometimes, living in the reality of having the freedom to choose the various things we’ve been given responsibility over. When faced with major decisions, I sometimes wish God would simply lay out the plans, get everyone onboard, and move us forward in harmony.

It’s also why I love God deeply.

He gives us freedom to choose. God gives us space to process, to wrestle, and to use our brains to figure things out. He gives us the freedom to create. God makes way for us to redeem, to honor, and to serve.

God gives us the freedom to love.

I guess at the root of it all, it’s not that I hate God (far from it). It’s more that I have a fear of regretting making the wrong choices that would dishonor the very God who blessed us with amazing possibilities in the first place.

Erwin McManus (pastor of Mosaic in Hollywood, CA) once said, “If you have regret in your life, that’s in the past, but it doesn’t have to be in your future. It’s never too late to build a new story.”

How about you?


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