Morning Pages

I first started writing poetry back in 1994.

It was exciting. It was fresh. It was challenging.

But, like most things in life for me, the challenges actually provided fodder for growth, rather than a repellent keeping me from pursuing my new found passion. The drive that I had kept me going. And everytime I hit a wall, I’d usually find a way to climb over it. In those rare extreme moments, I’d even find a way to burrow through the inevitable writer’s wall.

One tool that helped me get over the hump of literary amnesia was an activity called Morning Pages. Julia Cameron, in her book “The Artist’s Way”, describes a streams of consciousness type of activity where you mine through your brain and extract treasures that are dormant waiting to be found.

The process is simple, yet arduous.

Every morning, before you start your day, you write for 30 minutes. You don’t worry about possible spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. You simply write the first things that come to mind. And you keep on going. You keep on writing, even if your hand cramps up. And, once the 30 minutes are up, you simply put your journal away, not reading what just spilled out onto the pages.

You do this for 30 days.

The beautiful part to this activity is coming to the end of the month and discovering the wonderful nuggets of ideas, poems, creative pieces and general wonderings. These monthly activities opened doors to many Spoken Word pieces, poem ideas and mental exercises that strengthen my creative muscles.

My writer’s blocks, since doing Morning Pages, are now far and few between.

Need help catalyzing your ideas out of your head? Give Morning Pages a try and let me know what you discover.


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