Why Am I Still Awake?

I’m a lot more tired these days.

Sleep, however, has always been a rare commodity in my life and I’ve generally been able to function on four to five hours of sleep. I guess I take after my pops. So, as I began nodding off more earlier in the day, this recent foreign weary sensation has thrown me in a loop.

They say in hindsight vision is always twenty twenty. It’s become absolutely clear that every dormant hour means that much more the older I get. My body aches more easily. My eyes well up with weary tears more often. And I get cranky faster than normal. I look forward to those rare ten minute naps and I long for those random quiet afternoon weekdays. My bed is a lot more comfortable than years past. And coffee just seems more like a tasty treat than an actual stimulant.

Needless to say, rest has become very valuable as of late. And, although I’ve developed a steady rhythm of honoring the Sabbath; which actually affects one’s day for the better, shutting down my body is something I yearn for.

But, as I stare my 39th year of living in the face, my recent perfected eye sight has shown me that rest actually plays a vital role in pursuing the things that truly matter.

Yes, we can work harder to achieve our goals.

Yes, we can study new patterns and theories to better our strategic plans for success.

And, yes, we can better steward our finances to shore up the necessary funds needed for long term investments.

But it’s rest that keeps us moving. It’s rest that reinvigorates catalyzing us toward working harder. It’s rest that clears our minds so that we can make sound decisions that dictate forward movement. In fact, it’s rest that even God dove into that segued the amazingness of humanity from the inception of creation.There’s power in rest.

There’s wisdom in retiring from the day.

There’s treasure to be found in sleep.



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