You are the backbone that holds this world together
Never in a million years did you ever think the trees would warmly
embrace you as you walk by
But they do
The trees
They shiver every time you whisper to the moon
and sing your songs to the stars


You are every little girls inspiration
And you
You are what every grade school boy longs to be
And all of your imperfections that you complain about
every single day
are that way on purpose
Because God does not make mistakes
You were created in the image and likeness of perfection


When God looked at you for the very first time
He high five the angels and said,
“Dang, I’m good.”
And you
When God heard you cry for the first time
He got giddy with excitement
because he knew that you were just as compassionate
as He is


You are broken but a magnificent mosaic of a masterpiece
all at the same time

And you

You make chiseled adonis’s jealous because
at least
your body is honest
And you
Mr. Chiseled Adonis
You are perfect just the way you are
no matter how ripped you get
You make atheists want to believe in God
And you make the deities want to become human


You are a Scantron where every possibility is the right answer
Because every answer points to the possibility
that you are exactly who you’re supposed to be

Right now

Right this very moment

And despite how you feel about yourself
there is no one like you
You were fearfully and wonderfully made
You are so unique that even carbon copies
leave different impressions of your signature
You are reliable like worn out Chuck Taylors
You are greater than you can even imagine
And you are the living testimony of what dreams are made out of

So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
Don’t become someone else
Don’t try to be better than the next person
Be the best version of you

Because you




2 thoughts on “You

  1. My goodness…how awesome your words are! Please tell me this is a song somewhere because I would support you and purchase it. This is so inspiring and very motivating as well. Keep at it and I look forward to many of your great endeavors!

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