Your Life is a Great Story


Everyone’s life is a great story waiting to be told.

There’s drama. There’s comedy. There’s tragedy. There’s romance. There’s a combination of these, like romantic comedies and tragic dramas. There’s dramatic romance novels and comedic tragedies. Whichever way you coin it, the screenplays to people’s lives are dying to be told.

Unfortunately, many of these stories will never reach its intended audience. These untold stories lay dormant for a number of reasons. One, of which, is the unworthiness many feel toward being counted as valuable. Many look at their lives as meaningless-boring textbooks, rather than the fully technicolored captivating epics that they are.

And, honestly, it has nothing to do with having low self-esteem. It’s more of the result of not having encouraging voices in one’s life, or the more accurate reality, choosing not to listen to the cheerleaders in our lives that we already have.

Yes, we all have cheerleaders. Unfortunately, their chants have a way of being drowned out by the various “boos” that we get from the seemingly opposing teams that we face.

The great Creator took careful time to fashion each of us and precisely crafted us with a specific purpose. He proved our worthiness by willingly stepping down from His throne, lived in our sinful context, and endured the cross so that we could be redeemed and restored.

Did He have to? No.

But He did.

Dirty sidewalks and ugly asphalt driveways are canvases waiting to be beautified. The solution: chalk. My boys have a way of bringing these blank canvases to life by, perhaps, uncovering the many stories that are waiting to be projected. The beauty lies behind the fact that sidewalks and driveways provide the platform for these wonderful-colorful stories to be unleashed. And, similarly, the blank canvases that are our lives await unlimited plots and inciting incidents to be penned.

We simply have to recognize our potential and allow God to unleash our dormant narrative.

Yes, you are wonderful. And, yes, you are worth more than you know.

Let your stories be heard.


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