Are You Inconsistent in What You Oppose?


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2 thoughts on “Are You Inconsistent in What You Oppose?

  1. So I don’t know where we were supposed to comment and if it was on the post or the article, but I will chime in. I believe Romans has all the answers that we need for this issue.

    We know it’s sin, we know that it is a passion/desire, but at the root of all of it they are people as well. Now I don’t condone the act or the sin, but have absolutely nothing against the people. Grace abounds so our sin is covered (Romans 1:16-18) but if we continue to sin He will give us up to our sin. If we chose not to be right with Him, that is the choice we make (Rm. 1:24). The condition however comes in v.28, they failed to acknowledge God. Anyone who still acknowledges God at the center should ultimately come to the truth. Romans 2:1 gives us a clear state of how we judge and are just as wrong as those who are actively in sin. As humans Rm 3:9-20 shows us where we all fall short no matter our condition. Our sin was taken and we declared righteous by god (v.23-25 and 5:18-21). But with this new found “clearing” we must continue to Rm. 6:1-2, 12 showing us that if we truly are seeking God at the center and His righteousness, we are to walk away from our sin and no longer let us control us. So there is no real excuse to why sin cannot be broken other than we are trying on our own and not fully with God (Rm. 7:14-25). So how do we know that God is truly at the center? Romans 8:9-14 tells us that the Spirit if it is inside us leads us away from sin and actually makes us a child of God. As a child of God we inherit the promise of new life eternal. His love never ends for us (Rm. 8:31-39) but it doesn’t ensure the inheritance, also reinforced in Rm. 10:14-15.

    Don’t judge, but don’t be afraid to make your belief known, but most of all I’ll end this with a call to sacrifice our desires and live the call on our life: Romans 12.

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