Forever Reign


Hillsong is one of the most influential Christian bands, having changed the face of praise and worship in churches around the globe. Their resume isn’t just long. It’s massively expansive.

Hillsong Chapel augmented their iconic sound a couple of years ago with Yahweh, an acoustic compilation of their hits as well as new additions to their ever-growing playlist. Now, with their recent release ofForever Reign, recorded live, the list of worship songs that can be added to a local church’s repertoire flourishes yet again.

“God Is Able” and “Hallelujah” piggyback as a warm welcome mat inviting listeners into the musical journey. The house is packed with Spirit-filled worshipers who join the recording, adding a sense of coziness to the auditory experience. As soon as the freshman song declares, “God is able / He will never fail / He is almighty God,” the sophomore track seamlessly sneaks in with voices declaring the praises of God.

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