Welcome to Amazon


When I began my literary journey toward publication, I never realized how much joy I would discover, not just in seeing my books on shelves and in online retailers, but in traveling through the entire process itself. Ever since my first book came out back in 2006, I always rushed to the blank pages just to see what would materialize. I always ecstatically jumped toward my journal or in front of my trusty MacBook anxiously awaiting what wonderful poetic stories would surface.

I love the discovery process.

And so, it’s with great joy to inform y’all that my third release, “66: The I AM in Me,” has finally hit the Amazon bookstore.

Would you do me a favor and add to my joy by leaving a review of my book, if you’ve had a chance to read it. You’d be helping me out so much.

And, of course, if you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy yet, now’s your chance.

Thanks ahead of time.



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