Jesus at Work



3 thoughts on “Jesus at Work

  1. I saw this D and liked your comment. I had pages to comment to Kat but decided to wait until we were face to face. In my past when I dabbled in the occult after denouncing God I learned the hard way that if evil exists then God must be real. You were right in your advice. I applauded you then and applaud you now.

    1. As always, thanks for the kind words. It’s interesting, the more I’ve been engaging the Long Beach community and the more I’m falling in love with the people of the city, I’m faced with the challenge of showing God’s love in a relevant way. Yet, at the same time, truth is truth and you can’t sugar coat it. The even more interesting thing is, I’m finding more and more people desire to hear God’s truth and hungry for it. What many people aren’t interested in is church politics interpreting the God’s truth to fit said church’s culture. And so, I am where I’m at. Spitting out God’s truth and His guidance as the Holy Spirit speaks them to me.

  2. 66 THE I AM IN ME book is a great book. It’s easy to read and could hardly put it down. I love it and very happy to be able to get it. Derrick, thank you for your faithfulness to use the gifts God has given you.

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