Creative Writing


I’ve always had a dream to teach an ongoing Creative Writing Class for the community. Creative writing has always been my outlet of expression and my avenue to explore topics, ideas, and thoughts that were always a mystery to me. See, I write about stuff that I’m oblivious to (as well as stuff that I know) just to try and understand them better. And, even still, at the end of each piece, I’m left with more questions, than when I first began. But it’s in those questions that I pursue to understand each topic better.

So, with every new or revisited experience, I bring a backpack full of previous understanding and fresh discoveries to better my knowledge of the journey that lies ahead.

Creative writing has opened many doors for me and I’ve always longed to usher others toward the same journey and opportunities.

To my joy, this reality has come to fruition.

Beginning September 18th, I’ll be partnering with Sharefest‘s year round Youth Development Academy to teach a Creative Writing Class for Avalon High School’s upcoming fall semester. And it all began with a simple dream.

How about you?

What are your dreams and how are you pursuing them?

Let’s talk.


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