Stephen the Levite – CD Review


A solid foundation is key to building strength and, as time moves forward and our cultural landscape changes, this foundation will help to maintain the roots of longevity. The Last Missionary, the latest release from Darrell Bell (better known as Stephen the Levite), is evidence that building on a strong foundation rooted deep in the old school hip-hop culture makes for a long and solid rap career.

It’s been a hair longer than half a decade since the world has heard from one half of rap group Redeemed Thought. Stephen the Levite’s focus on exceptional quality and remaining true to a hip-hop culture—which seems to have disappeared under the garb of auto-tuned vocal transformation and pop sounds—has proved beneficial throughout his sophomore solo album.

The artist continues with his heavy bass-line-driven tracks and strong lyrical delivery that are synonymous with the hip-hop artists of the late 1980s and the early 1990s. He still doesn’t shy away from his faith in Jesus. And he continues to use loops in his tracks that offer a fresh platform…



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