White Flag Project


There are just a handful of companies, both for profit and not for profit, that I really get excited about.

Apple. Just One. Stand Apparel. Stacked. (just to name a few)

And coming February 7th, another company will peer its head over the landscape and I’m tremendously ecstatic about its inception. In short, it’s a company that’s looking to sell high quality apparel where 100% of the profits go toward the church you designate.

Here’s the write up from their website:

White Flag Project is run by this guy and exists to glorify God by selling top-quality apparel and giving the entire profit from each order to the home church of the person who placed the order. Really. 

We keep no money for ourselves; we feel called to a ministry of giving to biblically-sound churches around the world. Our inspiration is 2 Corinthians 9:6-15.

You place an order. You get an awesome shirt. We give the profit to your church. 

Online store opens February 7th.

Hope you’ll join me in support of this awesome journey.


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