The Stand

I wouldn’t consider myself to be, what some would deem, a fashionista. In fact, I think I’m far from it. I do, however, love building my collection of random t-shirts. From my mock (not mock neck) Apple logo shirt with the words, “My bad! -Eve” sprawled across the chest to my Vinyl Preservation Society T, I have a long list of shirts I can grab every morning.

I love it.

So, to my delight, a good friend of mine (Don Lumbera) recently launched his own clothing company that, at its Genesis, has a slew of amazing shirts that will definitely be added to my collection.

I’ll leave it at that.

Take a look and lend your support to this new journey and awesome venture.

The Stand.


3 thoughts on “The Stand

  1. I’m excited to pick up a few when I return. But in the irony, this reminds me of “the dash.” I’ve been sharing recently about the dash on tombstones and what importance it has. Just as we know, we have a group called The Dash that’s based on this: “what am I doing to make an impact while I’m here?” I’m really excited to see Don’s new line because what greater way to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ with apparel. Way to go Don!

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