TOMS Shoes Gives Vision

“With a simple pair of eyeglasses, the world comes into focus.”

First shoes, now sight.

I’ve always loved what Blake and the folks over at TOMS have done in helping to provide shoes for people in need. We take for granted, sometimes, the luxury we have in purchasing shoes at a ridiculously easy rate. For some, we have collections of shoes that never go worn, save for those rare occasions we want to casual down our formal attire or the first week we buy them, then, only to collect dust somewhere stored away for our own appeasement.

And, now, the “One for One” company has ventured into, yet, another amazing journey in going from protective feet gear to restoring vision to millions of people worldwide.

It just goes to show that a simple dream can go a long way when compassion and drive are in the mix.

How about you?

What are some simple life changing ideas you have?

Let’s talk.


One thought on “TOMS Shoes Gives Vision

  1. This is an interesting announcement. However they are not the first to do this. I found out about these guys: 4sight months ago. As far as I can tell 4sight offers a superior product…

    TOMS vs. 4sight Sunglasses
    Price: $135-145 vs. $89
    Quality: Plastic vs. Handmade Acetate
    Shipping: “Shipping costs vary with every order” vs. 100% free
    Returns: You pay for return shipping vs. Free returns

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