So…as I think about the new transition that’s on the horizon for me, I can’t stop thinking about film concepts and image designs. In a couple of months, I’ll be our church’s new Creative Arts Pastor. I preferred Creative Arts Director, but since I hold a pastoral license the consensus was to tag on my calling in the pastorate to my title.

No big deal!

Either way, I’m excited about the blank canvases I get to work with, connecting our worship arts team together, forming a more cohesive unit. I imagine what it’d be like to experiment with how our music team collaborates with our dance team in ways that we’ve yet to tap into. I chuckle with eagerness about the possibilities of enhancing our services with a lighting system that we’ve only scratched the surface with. And I dive into waters of elation dreaming of the limitless moments of fun-filled screen shots with our media team.

Speaking of which, it’s the filming and editing part that I get most exuberant about. I studied journalism in college with a minor in creative writing, so it goes without saying that I anticipate being able to use my training. Even more so, I get excited thinking about the opportunity of using my gifts and my talents to communicate God’s message of hope and love.

And, what it comes down to, is the opportunity to tell countless stories of God moving in and throughout humanity. Subjects, in relationship to God, transformed and moved for a greater purpose. Stories crafted to encourage both God’s people and people who’ve chosen to reject His love. Vignettes that capture a moment of newness and rebirth.

Life…captured on the screen.

How about you?

What excites you most about life and the opportunities placed before you?

Let’s talk.


4 thoughts on “Subject

  1. I think the thing that excites me the most about life (not just right now but always) is making an impact (no pun intended) in somebody’s spiritual growth.

    It’s something that I’m coming to grips with and I don’t fully understand about myself, but I just kinda look at my life as simply as a beggar telling other beggars where to find bread.

    That’s when I feel most alive.

  2. Well said Budd.

    Part of the vibrant life that awakens in me is due, in a lot of ways, to me fulfilling my overall calling as a follower of Jesus…to love Him and to love others as I love myself.

    I think many of us miss that at times…specifically the “as yourself” part.

    At the bare minimum, it’s safe to say it’s rather easy to love God. And, although challenging at times, it’s also safe to say it’s easy to love others. But, loving ourselves is a whole different story. Because we’re our own biggest critics, we’re always finding crap about ourselves that we latch onto and use as excuses to think lower of ourselves than we really are.

    After loving God, according to Jesus, if we don’t love ourselves, it’s next to impossible to love others in a way that’s God-honoring. But once we do, once we love ourselves for who God created us to be and accept every part of our imperfect being, then life becomes a lot mire enjoyable.

    Rock on bro!

  3. I have to say whenever I move, I get excited about what challenges lie ahead of me. When I get to experience a change of environment, those changes are new opportunities to see where my piece fits in the puzzle of life. I love to serve and recently, I’ve been drying up because I wasn’t able to serve in the church I was at. I prayed about it and moved where God wanted me to go. Behold, there were opportunities waiting for me and I was glad to quench my thirst! And on top of that, I was a blessing to others as I was oblivious to it. It’s opportunities like this when God uses our specialties and combines it with what we’ve obtained through intermediate studies.

    Simply said, everyday is an opportunity to make a change (or be an impact) in all I do.

    1. “Simply said, everyday is an opportunity to make a change (or be an impact) in all I do.”

      I love that James. Everyday, definitely is an opportunity to make a change and we should proactively be looking for this opportunities.

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