The Red Velvet Angels

So…my red velvet cakes have become the forefront of my baking arsenal. I’ve been baking red velvets consecutively for the past couple of months. And, in doing so, I’ve been able to prefect my recipe to a moist perfection. Of course, no red velvet is complete without its complimentary cream cheese frosting. That, too, has become a crowd favorite.

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to build these creative treats for the likes of you all. Keep ’em coming!

My sister’s cop-man loves the Anaheim Angels and what better way to compliment the boys in red, than by wrapping a red velvet in fondant and decking it out in Angels garb. This delightful gem is a two-layer cake. The Angels gear is made of plastic, so don’t eat that. Everything else, however, is edible…including the stars in the sky.

You can check out more pics of this cake and other cakes I’ve done at my main site.

Happy Birthday Darren!


4 thoughts on “The Red Velvet Angels

  1. I swear I gain weight every time I read your blogs or see a pic on Instagram. Your creations are insane! You truly have a gift, D! Amazing!

  2. Howdy Derrick,
    Man I tell you; your cakes are so creative! I love seeing what you come up with next. It’s like – you never know what you will see on there next!
    Keep on rocking’ the cakes; I look forward to tasting one of your cakes!

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