First Week Back

After a 21-day journey with God, specifically abstaining from carnivorous tendencies, I, interestingly enough, broke my fast with a Big Mac and chicken strips. Oh and, of course, you can’t forget the fries and a Diet Coke. Since then, I’ve managed to put a couple of eggs into my system, some homemade chicken nuggets and some teriyaki beef/chicken.

Needless to say, I feel like I’ve developed a slight case of SORAS and my insides feel a few weeks older than they really are.

It’s also interesting to note that since Sunday’s goodbye to a strictly non-meat diet, I’ve felt a little more sluggish and a lot more tired than my previous 21-days. I guess Daniel was right all along when his refusal of the kingly buffet table would prove spiritually and physically uplifting. I’m not going to lie. Once I got the green light to enter back into my regular eating habits, I jumped at the chance to put the once living animals into my system.

In retrospect, however, I’m beginning to understand, more and more, what Jesus meant when He said that man doesn’t live on bread alone. We, especially here in America, tend to over indulge in the things that really count for nothing in eternity. “Bread”, of course, comes in many different forms. We get so turned on to the littlest of newest technology and salavate over the steamiest of well prepared dishes. We flock to the next big thing and try to outdo our neighbors in being the first to wrap our fingers around the latest gadgets. We swarm to Vegas because of their abundant offerings of inexpensive all-you-can-eat cafeterias.

We, in fact, do live on “bread” alone.

Now, I’m not saying I’m going to rid myself from all that the world has to offer. But, I am saying that God, indeed, isn’t to be taken lightly. He does have all we need to truly live. God has the ordained direction for all of us and less than ordinary isn’t in His vocabulary. We’re called to live extraordinary lives and it begins by living on Him alone.

How about you? After seasons of spiritually high moments, what are your typical setbacks when stepping back into the “world”? Are you more on fire for God or do you revert to your old ways, as if nothing of spitiual significance happened?

Let’s talk.


4 thoughts on “First Week Back

  1. Reverting to my old ways tends to bring on an insidious grief that becomes more palpable as time goes on. Then, a gaping emptiness ensues. This is what happens when my heart isn’t on guard and it is only when I turn back to God 110% that the grief and emptiness disappear.

    P.S. You will soon find out that minimizing meat from your diet will leave you feeling refreshed and light.

  2. I’d have to say its interesting how the fast was set to 21 days; the number of days they say it takes to form a habit. I stayed up way past midnight on Sun. to lay claim on my local McDonalds. I never ended up leaving the house. I took down a box of freshly sealed chocolate covered almonds we’ve had since the beginning of the year. Sat in front of me for 3 hours while I worked on my comp. Ended up putting it back, sealed, before I slept. Next day I think I forced the issue and bought a double western bacon cheeseburger meal. Not even half way I was struggling to finish.

    I came to a realization that meat in general is not bad; its just what we have readily available and the way its prepared isnt doing us any favors. My craving for dinner is a strawberry mango fruit smoothie. I can finally work till 3 in the morning again and have plenty of energy for the next day. That energy has also provided a spark for a better work ethic.

  3. N – I definitely know what you mean about going back to your old ways and feeling a sense of darkness hovering over. I guess it’s the symbolic…God rescuing us from death and calling us into life thing. Tragically, we all have a tendency to go back to what once was…even though we know there’s nothing there. We all have a way of pressing cruise control with God and allowing the world’s dilemmas to take over. And…I am definitely looking forward to cutting back on meats. Lord knows, I need more energy in my life to keep up with the boys.

    Don – I never thought about the habit theory. However, I do think it’s a lot easier to develop bad habits rather than healthy ones. I think that’s why it’s so easy to slip back into the places God doesn’t want us to. Following God is a lot harder than not.

    Awesome thoughts guys!

  4. Interesting topic because diet, fasting, and change are categories you can attach to what I’m dealing with here. I tend to enter the world seeing what was before and attempting to fix the old. Instead what I’m realizing is that when I’m in a spiritual high, God wants me to take whatever the Holy Spirit blessed me with look forward to what’s in store (simply apply it to my everyday walk in this world) because after all, we cannot predict the future, but we can listen and pay attention to God.
    Also, I feel more on fire for God because after participating in the fast with NLC and seeing everyone’s responses, my fast is only halfway done. My temporary church – Abundant Life Foursquare Church – is doing a fast with the Southeast Division of Foursquare February 1st to the 21st (immediately after NLC). I know God sees my heart and I think I’m being blessed with a second chance to focus on [as much as I can to] fasting while training. I’m wanted to fast from social media and greasy/unhealthy foods/drinks. I feel healthier and smarter because I’ve replaced that time with reading and praying. All went well with social media, but I fell short a few times of drinking soda and eating bacon and felt pretty bad afterwards.
    But I know our God is a forgiving and loving God and I’m being constantly reminded of my purpose.
    On Tuesday, Uncle Sam changed the menus of what soldiers eat; beef maybe once a week, whole grain breads only, no sweet tea (NOOOOOO!), no soda machines, no made to order omelets, no Southern food (sweet potatoes, mac n cheese, etc), no ice cream, more veggies, no ranch dressing (or fatty), hard boiled eggs possibly once a week as well, but the bacon is still there.
    But overall, as I think about it, I feel like wrapping my arms around myself as tight as I can and say “Thank you Jesus for what you have done and what you are going to do. I love you with all.”

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