Even in the face of death Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused to worship the king’s gods and his golden statue (Daniel 3). They refused to denounce the One and Only Living God just so they could live in this lifetime.

They refused to be tolerant. They were bold and didn’t relent from standing their ground.

We live in a time where, if your choice ISN’T tolerance, especially when it comes to religion, then you’re automatically illuminated under the spotlight of hate. So, for the sake of making nice with everyone, no one seems to really stand up for what they truly believe in. God is massaged into the crevices of society where we limit Him to wearing universal garbs that won’t offend others.

We, in short, turn God into garbage. We trash His name, so that our fellow man will feel loved and welcomed. We toss God to the dumpsters, so that we can clean up the mess that others deemed “religion’s” fault.

For Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, they stood bold in the face of adversity. They, in essence, spat in the face of what they knew to be false. Nebuchadnezzar wasn’t God and his gods weren’t they way to eternal life (a couple of chapters later reveals this truth). Daniel’s friends weren’t having it, even if it meant being burned alive.

Christianity, unfortunately, always gets the bad rap for being bold in professing that Jesus is the only way to heaven (distinction: Jesus is, not Christianity) . The reality, however, is every world religion has a claim to being the only way. From Muslim to Atheism or from Buddhism to Scientology, every view claims absolute. Most just aren’t as vocal about their convictions. There’s no way that I can go up to a Muslim and tell him or her that Jesus is the only way and they’ll accept it. I can’t have a conversation with a devout Hindu and tell them that Jesus died for their sins without them chuckling inside thinking, “Yeah right! That’s not what my many gods say.”

It’s unfortunate that society chooses to lose itself in generics for the sake of being accepted. I never thought that we would move into a life outlined by cookie cutters and prefabricated patterns.

I guess “tolerance” is the only way if you want to make it in this world.

What do you believe?

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2 thoughts on “Tolerance?

    1. To your link of Donald Miller’s blog…RIGHT ON.

      In the documentary, “Lord, Save Us From Your Followers,” the conclusion was exactly that…CONSUMERISM. the very thing that’s going to kill the American Church culture is our need to spend…our need to consume.

      I agree, totally, with Miller. Pulpits have gotten too seeker sensitive and the harsh truth of Christ gets lost in the fabrics of wanting be PC and less offensive. The reality is: the Gospel is offensive and we need to stop trying to censor God’s Word.

      Thanks for your input Nannette!

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