A Case of the Stomach Flu

I woke up, early this morning, to my digestive system in a, what seem to be, disgusted tirade at yesterday’s diet choices. My stomach, now turned villainous orator, was making things clear that he was not having any of the fruits and veggies I was committed to consuming during this 21-day fast.

So I thought.

And, as I sat in the bathroom listening to the speechmaker’s demands, my noggin’s heat index began rising into the low hundreds and sweat profusely poured down my cheeks and chest in an ice cold stream. It turned out, I had developed the stomach flu.

The irony is, there wasn’t much in my consumption that would lead me to pin point the origins of said ailment. Either way, I was flat on my back for most of the day, bedridden to rest and a periodic taste of Gatorade and crackers.

With nothing else to do but cling on to God’s healing providence, I focused on Him and I focused on the day’s reading that would have me in Daniel 2.

In times of desperation, who else can we turn to but God. Daniel knew that no one else was going to reveal the mystery of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream but God Himself. See, the king had a disturbing dream and, not only did he want the local magicians and enchanters to interpret the dream, he wanted them to reveal exactly what the dream was…an impossible feat by any means.

But Daniel knew better. He knew Nebuchadnezzar’s outlandish request wasn’t going to be met by any human attempts So, who did he turn to?


Many times we follow our own understanding and try to figure things out on our own. True, God gave us sound minds and the ability to reason, but there’s a huge difference between gratefully walking in God’s blessing and renouncing what He’s given us for our own benefit.

And then we wonder where God disappears to when trying times get even tougher. He’s exactly where we LEFT Him.

He’s left ousted when we chose to do things our way.

Daniel’s immediate and initial thought was to go to God, even though God gave Daniel extreme religious knowledge and an astute spiritual IQ. Daniel didn’t hesitate to go to God first.

We can save a lot of drama and unnecessary roadblocks when we resolve to seek the counsel of God. We can move forward in the right direction when God’s our first stop on the road of trials and uncertainty.

How about you?

Let’s talk.


6 thoughts on “A Case of the Stomach Flu

  1. As I was reading this one, I thought of how humans react. We tend to rely on our own knowledge and understand of life and especially when making decisions in tough times or seeking council and guidance. I feel that as we make mistakes and fail to make God our first stop when in doubt or in question about anything, we will fall flat on our face into the snow. But when it’s all said and done, we as followers of Christ should realize (or learn from the mistake), thus bringing our relationship with God closer. We may often tend to blame God for us falling flat on our faces, when in reality there’s more fingers pointing back at us than the one we point at God.

  2. How uncanny. I just fired off an e-mail to someone encouraging them to trust in God even when things don’t go their way. He said he needed to pray about what God was trying to teach him because he is existing in one of his lowest valleys. I encouraged him to pray, yes, but also be willing to obey the will of God even when it looks completely different than the “norm.” I noticed he was doing things on his own strength, trying to figure things out himself. (As we all do.) I noticed I become mired in my preconceived notions when I don’t seek God first.

    1. Continue to give him the support he needs Nannette. Life gets hard, especially when we try to make decisions on our own and it’s a great feeling to know that God places us where we need to be for others. What a great way to be the Monday Morning Church!

    2. I definitely believe there’s an enormous piece missing in our communication with God when we leave the obeying part out of prayer. We often times shoot out our mouths to God and don’t give Him the time to answer. We have the audacity to wonder why He doesn’t answer our prayers when, in actuality, He’s answering them all the time. We simply choose not to listen. Or, for most of us, when He does speak and when we do hear what He’s saying, we choose not to obey.

      Funny how life works.

      Great thoughts Nannette.

      1. In addition, God will answer our prays, yet we may not like how God answered our prayers. We need to remember that God is not a robot and will not simply do what we feel is right.

  3. If we fast in an area God has called us to, we can misinterpret how he wants us to fast. If you think about it, when we choose not to obey, things won’t go right, you might get hurt, or you’ll get a big surprise (like something from left field). Those can also be signs that God steer to steer you on the right path.

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