Fruits and Vegetables

I’ve grown to love Fruit Ninja and Veggie Samurai…yup…I’m one of those guys…those tech loving geeks who try to keep up with all the latest gadgets and doohickies. Throw in time consuming games on a touch screen platform into the mix and life as we know it all of a sudden comes to a screeching halt.

Fruit Ninja and Veggie Samurai have been notorious for numerous amounts of time sucking adventures.

In short, both are slicing and dicing fun-filled battles against evil empires of delicious produce.

Interesting enough, as I enter a season of fasting, in partnership with New Life Center, God spoke two specific directions for my time with Him over the course of the next 21 days. Fruits/Vegetables and the Book of Daniel.

It excites me, over these past couple of weeks as I wielded my katana blades and annihilated bananas and broccolis, that God humorously fused my latest tech geeky journeys with, what I can only imagine to be, an amazing spiritual catalyst to my relationship with Him.

If you remember anything about King Nebuchadnezzar’s early reign over Jerusalem, he demanded that anyone who was going to be brought up in royalty submit to his ways, his customs, and his culture. One of those ridiculous demands was the requirement of a diet that included specific foods (mostly meats) and wine. In the mix of royal leaders and wise scholars were Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah.

Or, more commonly known as, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego.

For these four, however, they refused to defile themselves with Nebuchadnezzar’s daintiest. So,
they requested a 10-day diet of only veggies and water. In short, the four men of God, after the 10-day “royal diet” fast, were more energized and more spiritually in tuned with God than those who indulged in the king’s lavish dining.

So, it goes without saying, I’m looking forward to what God has in store.

I’ll do my best to blog my 21-day journey and, in turn, I hope you’ll journey with me
by reading and responding with some of your thoughts.

Here we go…

…Let’s talk!


3 thoughts on “Fruits and Vegetables

  1. Good luck with you your fasting, I tell you the truth, teens like me, hate eating only veggies, they need a source of protein and I’m going to the 21 day fast but I’m going to follow the book instead. Maybe in the future I can go with only eat fruits and veggies. But I remember fasting from rice and and it made a huge difference combining it with my exercise, I was weak at first because I wasn’t use to it but in the end I had more energy and became more fit. I pray that God will help me with this 21 day fast and I’m sure he will reveal things throughout the weeks to come.

  2. Jonathan – Thanks for your thoughts. Whether we fast from food or from video games, the whole point is to remove the distractions from our lives and focus in on God. The body will adjust, that’s why we experience weird transitions when we fast, but all the more to rely on God for His sustenance. I’m excited for you bro. I’m excited to hear what God reveals to you in the coming weeks. Keep me posted.

  3. The human body is an awesome creation by God. If it damaged by the smallest cut, it’ll heal itself. If we eliminate certain foods or activities from our diet, our body will adjust to what it lacks. I see this fast almost the same way. Just like you said Derrick, fasting allows us to remove elements that distract us from God and put more focus on what Him. I’m excited just as much as you are to hear what goes on with everyone’s fast! Keep me posted. Joseph, there’s a book for this fast? Let me know. I intend on reducing and, hopefully, cutting out something that has consumed our time…facebook. I spend so much time on there now that I’m always keeping my status up to date more as if I was at home. Keep up the great work Joseph….Derrick, keep the thoughts flowing!

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