Beginning Monday, January 10, 2011 the community of faith I’m a part of, New Life Center, will embark on a 21-day fast.

To say the least, I’m ecstatic to connect with God at this level.

It’s been a while since I’ve fasted and it excites me to see what God has in store. Every time I dedicate a season of total trust in God at this capacity, He never ceases to amaze me as it relates the level of communication between me and Him that He brings me to.

His voice always seems louder and His instructions always seem clearer.

This time around, I’ll be specifically seeking His direction for my family in 2011 and His direction for my role and involvement at New Life

All that to say, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

What are some things you’ve learned during periods of fasting and what words of wisdom can you share with others regarding our posture during these spiritually discipling moments?

Let’s talk!


2 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. I’ve done a fast before, but never as serious as the upcoming event. I feel excited to partake in this fast because I’m not at my home church. I am the church and just knowing that God is the same no matter where you are makes me feel so loved by Him. When you fast, you’re giving God all your attention so that He can tell you what your next move is in your purpose driven life. We get very distracted with external elements around us that we often ignore what the Holy Spirit is trying to do in us. I feel fasting is a great way to embrace in God’s presence. You want to indulge in something…indulge in fasting!

  2. Right on James. I’m excited you’ll be joining us on the fast, even though you won’t be around physically. I’m looking forward to hearing what God is up to in your life during this season.

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